Eternal Health Services

Eternal Health Services was established out of Clinton’s passion and love for health and healing. After years spent developing our health, fitness, and spiritual practice, our unique gifts were shown to us which we now offer as services. Our mission is to spread peace, healing, and love to all that seek help, to raise the vibration of our city, and the entire planet, and to empower people from all walks of life to achieve their ultimate potential.

Clinton R. Johnson

hypnotherapy, spiritual healing, nutrition+ fitness coaching, metaphysical counselling

A gifted hypnotherapist, spiritual healer and teacher; also a passionate nutrition coach and lifetime natural bodybuilder; Clinton embodies power and love. Using his gifts combined with knowledge obtained from various courses and studies, Clinton helps clients heal and grow with the appropriate method.

  • Testimonial

    My lifestyle has completely changed and I feel amazing!

    Trayvon L.,

    I first sought help from Clinton Johnson when I had a back injury for over a year that never seemed to heal; I tried everything from massage to acupuncture. But finally, thanks to Clinton’s spiritual healing ability I made a full recovery, nearly instantly!

    After that I was able to begin training in the weight room with my back healed up. Clinton guided me with nutrition, supplementation, and fitness coaching which has allowed me to achieve amazing results! I went from 12% body fat, not feeling my best, to 4% body fat with improved strength and energy, in only a few months. My lifestyle has completely changed and I feel amazing!

    But that was just the beginning. I became more interested in Clinton so I became his client for spiritual/metaphysical counselling combined with some transpersonal hypnotherapy sessions. With the techniques and teachings Clinton has guided me through, I have been able to manifest non-stop success, happiness, and love! I have learned to love myself, manifest money, evolve spiritually, and be very happy! Clinton is very loving, caring, and wise; I highly recommend him!

     *Individual results may vary.

  • Testimonial

    I can’t thank you enough!

    Leah D.,

    In March of this year I fell and fractured the top right side of my foot. Up until a few weeks ago it was still giving me lots of problems. I never imagined the healing process would be so lengthy for a hairline fracture. My foot was in a brace constantly and it would be inflamed and sore every day after work. I haven't been able to play sports, go the gym or really any do of my daily activities without being in pain. After my first session with Clinton I noticed a significant difference. I could oscillate and stretch my foot and ankle much further in all directions and the inflammation decreased. By the end of the second session it felt even better. Since then my foot isn't sore when i come home from work, I never have to wear my foot brace and I don't feel restricted in my daily activities. Thanks to Clinton I can jump around and dance pain free. Clinton is truly gifted and I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to experience his spiritual healing.

    I can't thank you enough! *Individual results may vary.

  • Testimonial

    For me, this type of therapy worked at a level I could have never imagined.

    Trina J.,

    I had spiritual healing done from Clinton Johnson for my arthritis in my wrists.  I've had pain for about 15 years.  After the second session my left wrist felt no pain at all but my right wrist was still feeling some pain, less than usual though.  On the third and last session Clinton worked solely on my right wrist.  I walked out of his office feeling no pain and no stiffness.  It's been a few weeks now and I do not have any pain in my wrists.  For me, this type of therapy worked at a level I could have never imagined.  Thank you for bringing this type of therapy to my attention and to see it work is the best feeling! *Individual results may vary.